What is the Zimmerman Advertising Campaign?

What is the Zimmerman Advertising Campaign?

A recent story about Zimmermans ad campaign on the issue of gun violence was headlined “The Zimmermann ad campaign to save your gun, now on the Internet!”

But what is the truth behind the campaign?

The ad was a cleverly timed marketing campaign, but it has been widely misinterpreted by many as a call for gun control, with its focus on the dangers of gun ownership, and its attempts to shame gun owners into doing more to control their own behavior.

We reached out to the Zumbieman to get the full story behind the ad, and to find out why the campaign was so mischaracterized.

What is Zumbis ad campaign?

Zumbia’s ad campaign, which aired during the second week of September, was aimed at encouraging people to contact the Z-Line to “save their gun” and help them “get the tools they need to take care of their gun.”

The ad features a young man in a T-shirt reading the slogan, “We’ll do anything to save our gun,” while a woman on a mobile phone says, “Zimmerman is a champion for the American people!”

It also has a clip of a gun owner with a gun, saying, “I’ve got my gun.

We can take care from here.

But this is a gun you can’t keep in your house.

You’re on your own, Zumbius.”

The video then cuts to a shot of the man, with the caption, “Here’s what it looks like to own a gun.”

What is a Taser gun?

A Taser is a highly-accurate, wireless weapon, which uses radio waves to release a shock when an electric current is applied to the end of the weapon.

The device is also commonly known as a stun gun.

The Taser has been used in police encounters for years in several states, and has been approved by the U.S. Justice Department as a form of non-lethal force.

What are the Taser commercials?

The first Taser commercial in September featured a man holding a gun in his hands.

In the clip, a police officer asks the man about his “trouble with his wife.”

The man says he has “a little problem with his ex-wife” and “it’s been a while since she’s been with a man.”

The officer asks if the man has a problem with guns, and the man says, in response, “It’s a little scary.”

The Tasers use a wireless device to apply electric currents to a target area and cause a shock.

The ad then cuts back to a police car, with a woman, now reading the Zymens slogan, telling the viewer that, “If you’re in a hurry to get your gun back, this is the right thing to do.”

A video posted to YouTube on August 31 showed a woman holding a Tasered gun in her hands.

The video was titled “Get your gun.

I got you.”

The clip showed the woman in a police cruiser with her gun, pointing it at the officer.

The officer said, “Get out of the car.

I’m going to Tase you.”

What about the Tasers that are used in the commercial?

In the ad for the Zumians, the officer says, “… we’ve got to do something about the guns in our communities.”

The commercial also shows the woman pointing her Taser at the camera.

In that clip, the woman says, the Taseres are not designed for use as weapons.

She says, “[Tasers] are not the weapons of choice in our community.

They’re the weapons we use when we need to keep people safe.”

The woman then says, she wants the Tasing of someone with a restraining order in the video to be used as a tool.

In another clip, she says, we need guns in the hands of people who are going to take their lives.

“The women’s Taser ad also shows a police sergeant using a Tasers stun gun against a man who is running away.

The clip shows the officer stopping the man with his Taser, and then the sergeant saying, “[It’s] time to Taser the man.”

What did the Zimbos ad say?

“We have Taser guns. “

You have to have a Tazer gun, and that’s why we have Tasers,” the Tazman explains.

“We have Taser guns.

They can protect people.

And they can protect your family from criminals.”

“What do Tasers do?”

The ad ends with the words, “The Tasers will stop a criminal.”

What do people think?

Most of the comments on the video on the T-Line website were supportive of the campaign.

One viewer wrote, “You’ve just saved your gun and now you have the Tazer.” “If I can


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