Why you need to start your own advertising company in India

Why you need to start your own advertising company in India

Google is not just the world’s biggest online search engine.

It is also the world leader in advertising, having become the largest advertiser in India with revenues of Rs 1,000 crore in 2014.

Now, it is targeting Indian entrepreneurs to bring a new and disruptive advertising business model to the country.

The world’s largest online advertising company, Google, has launched a new business model in India that is called AdPenguin, an advertising platform that will enable brands to create personalized ads that appear on top of any website.

The platform, which will be launched in January, is a new ad platform in India where brands can create a branded website that will show ads to their audience.

The company has launched two new ads platforms in India, one for brands that have already set up websites in the country, and the other for entrepreneurs to start their own online ad platforms.

Google’s new platform is the first one launched by the company in the Indian market.

“This is a huge opportunity for us as a company to expand our global footprint in India,” said Google India’s Managing Director Amit Agarwal.

The platform will allow brands to make advertising ads for their websites with a simple click of a button.

The ads will then be displayed in a personalized way.

AdPengin is the latest attempt by Google to reach Indian entrepreneurs and create a new advertising platform in the online advertising market.

Google has launched AdPinguin in India in October 2017, which was launched as an experiment to test the viability of a new online advertising platform.

The AdPanga project was launched by AdPioneer in 2017.

The company was initially set up to serve as a showcase for Indian startups, which had already launched websites.

“In India, we have no advertising ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

We have been working on the concept for over six years, and AdPonga is the next step in our journey,” said Agarwar.

The new platform will be available in India by the end of this year, and will be rolled out to other countries by the second half of 2020.

“We have seen a huge increase in Indian internet users, with over two billion users.

We see the opportunity to expand this business into new markets like the Middle East and Africa,” said AdPagna co-founder Prashant Agarwall.

The startup also hopes to use the AdPangin platform to attract talent from other countries to the Indian startup ecosystem.

“AdPenguins platform is also an example of how the ad platform can be built to be flexible and scalable.

For instance, the AdPod platform allows for customization of the content of an advertisement, which enables for a lot of flexibility in terms of how advertising is delivered,” said Prakash Bhandari, AdPongo’s CEO.

In India alone, there are over 1.1 billion websites.

In 2018, there were over 2,400 websites.

The AdPango platform is part of Google’s plan to build an ad ecosystem that includes advertising platforms from other companies, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, among others.

The new platform aims to cater to the needs of businesses across the country that have no offline advertising options, which are dominated by traditional online advertising platforms.

The platforms will be open for other online advertising companies to start up too.

According to an estimate by Pune-based market research firm, eMarketer, the ad space in India is estimated to be worth Rs 9,200 crore, with the growth rate of advertising going up by 3.6% every year.

“There are around 10,000 companies that are currently offering online advertising.

Advertisers spend a huge amount of money in terms (of advertising), but the problem is that the advertisers are not ready,” said Ajay Jain, a partner at eMarketers.

“When an advertiser is ready, they are ready for a sale,” said Jain.

“The ad space is not ready for the next wave of online advertising.”

AdPongo, which is an app that allows brands to build websites, is aimed at startups and small businesses.

The app was launched in December 2017, and was rolled out in January.

“With AdPanguin, a small business can set up an online platform for free, and it will become a full-fledged advertising platform for any other company,” said Manoj Srivastava, CEO of AdPapa.

“They can build their own websites, they can offer advertising services, they have a huge reach.”


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