How to make your home more affordable

How to make your home more affordable

You’re probably used to paying more than the market rate for an advertising spot on your front lawn.

Or maybe you can’t get enough of a local food truck?

Now you can.

Nextdoor, the US-based social network, is launching an online ad platform for businesses, which it says will be the first of its kind to provide a more direct way to engage with consumers.

It says it will make advertising more accessible to consumers by offering a curated mix of ad formats tailored to different audiences.

Advertisement “Nextdoor will allow businesses to reach their customers and customers to reach them with a curated set of ad-supported products, experiences and services,” Nextdoor CEO Alex Stamos said in a statement.

“It will be great for small businesses, entrepreneurs and small-business owners.”

Nextdoor’s app will offer advertisers a selection of ad products that can be selected by a user based on a user’s interests and preferences.

For example, a restaurant could offer a meal plan, a movie ticket or a coffee subscription.

Ads will be available in the following formats: mobile apps, desktop apps, and on the Nextdoor website.

The ad formats will also include a custom-designed landing page that will offer customers a tailored experience, which will then be shared with customers and partners through social media.

Nextdoors says advertisers will be able to select from an array of creative advertising types, including TV, print, radio, social media and video.

The platform also includes a tool that allows advertisers to add a link to a local business listing and then link to the website.

Next door is partnering with ad tech company DoubleClick to build the platform.

Stamos is the founder and CEO of the ad tech firm.

He was previously a partner at Nextdoor.

Next Door says its new ad platform will enable companies to reach a larger audience of consumers.

“Advertisers will be better positioned to reach consumers and their businesses through a variety of content platforms,” Stamos wrote in the statement.

Next doors platform is also being rolled out to other advertising platforms.

Stamkos says Nextdoor is expanding its network of ad partners to include other online ad platforms, including YouTube, Spotify and Facebook.

“As more of our customers move to digital and social, Nextdoor will continue to expand its reach with ad partners and partners from other platforms,” the company said.

Next, the company says Nextdoors new advertising platform will allow consumers to be more engaged with their local businesses.

“Next door will allow them to get more of what they love in one place,” StamOS said.

The announcement comes on the heels of Nextdoor announcing that it had raised $9.2 million in new funding in an initial round led by Kleiner Perkins.

The investment was led by Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Currency Group and Andreessen Media.

Next and Nextdoor say they plan to expand their partnerships with local businesses and other tech companies.

Next on the company’s platform is a new ad-driven ad platform called Nextdoor Ads.

Next is also partnering with mobile app-maker Nextdoor to provide ad experiences.

The app will be developed and offered by Nextdoor Ad Services, a startup founded by Next Door co-founder and CEO Ben Ostrovsky.

Next says Next door will be a leader in local advertising.

Next faces competition from similar platforms such as Instagram, Flipboard and Vevo.

The New York Times reports that Nextdoor says it is working with Facebook to bring local ad experiences to the platform as part of its $5 billion deal to buy the social network.


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