What’s New in New York, 2018

What’s New in New York, 2018

I’ve written in the past about how the city of New York is a huge business.

The state of New Jersey and the federal government have been instrumental in helping the city out.

In the past, when New York’s business climate got bad, its leaders tried to blame it on the state.

Now, they’re blaming it on its citizens.

The New York Times reports that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has overseen a dramatic shift in how the state deals with crime, has decided to start an initiative to reduce crime in the city.

The Times reports, “On Wednesday, the governor signed legislation creating a new task force to work with local and federal officials to address violent crime.

The task force will also recommend changes to the way the city responds to crime.

He said in a statement that the new taskforce will “explore strategies to reduce the crime rate in New Jersey, including a reduction in the number of people killed by gunfire and more effective policing and community engagement.”

He also said he will “be meeting with law enforcement and community leaders this week to discuss ways to reduce violent crime.”

The new task forces is not the first time Cuomo has been taking on the city’s crime problem.

In January, he declared the city to be “the toughest place in America.”

But, in 2018, it seemed like the city had finally come around.

The City of New Orleans has seen its murder rate drop dramatically, its violent crime drop dramatically as well, and its property crime drop sharply.

In New York City, the homicide rate dropped more than 40 percent between January and March of this year.

So, why is New York so violent?

A study conducted by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that New Yorkers are more likely to be shot by police officers than they are by other violent offenders, like people who commit burglaries.

So much for blaming New Yorkers.

This report from the New York Daily News says the New Yorkers who commit the most crime are black and Latino men.

In addition, the city has a higher percentage of black women than any other in the country.

What’s going on?

Why do people live in such fear?

The city of Los Angeles, which is about 60 percent black, is also in a state of emergency.

In 2016, it declared a state OFDMA.

The OFDMS stands for “out of control,” which is a state that is on a path of becoming one of the most dangerous in the United States.

That means it has a lot of high-profile murders and a lot violent crimes that go unpunished.

New York has seen an uptick in violent crime recently, with a rash of murders and gang violence.

What is the state doing to combat the violence?

The New Yorkers state of Emergency Act, which was passed by the legislature in January, states that: the state of the state is a danger to the public health and safety, the stability of the local community and public order, and the safety of all residents; The state will undertake all necessary steps to protect the public and its residents; and The state is responsible for the orderly and safe implementation of the emergency measures.

In other words, it’s going to take a lot to stop this problem.

What does the city have to do to combat crime?

The state has a few steps it can take to combat violent crime in New Yorks neighborhoods.

It has a comprehensive plan for its police department, which includes a new police chief, a new superintendent and an outside law firm.

But it has been very slow to implement that plan.

One of the first things the city did was to hire a new homicide detective, and that was followed by hiring a new narcotics officer.

The city also is working with local law enforcement on a new program called Safe Streets that was announced in March of 2018.

That program was supposed to focus on crime reduction and community policing.

But now, that program is getting pulled back to make room for the new policing.

That could be good news for the city, but it’s not the only thing the city needs to do.

The police department also needs to hire an officer with experience in dealing with gangs.

That will also help the police department and the city police officers.

And, of course, the new program needs to be implemented quickly.

How can the city stop crime?

First, it needs to implement the new Safe Streets program.

But, more importantly, the mayor should work with police departments to find a way to deal with gang violence, and then the city should get more officers.

It’s also important for the mayor to make it clear that New Yorkans need to keep their heads down, and to not let fear or anger get in the way of getting to work.

The mayor also needs help from law enforcement.

Law enforcement should help the city do its job, not take it away.

And he also needs some help from the media to help the community come to terms with the changes in the law.

The NYPD has been a part of a massive effort to crack down


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