Apple’s ad platform is being sued by a big US advertiser for allegedly misleading advertisers about its policies

Apple’s ad platform is being sued by a big US advertiser for allegedly misleading advertisers about its policies

Apple is facing legal action from a big advertising company alleging it breached advertising agreements by allowing advertisers to skip a disclaimer when they want to advertise on its product.

Key points:Apple and Google say the issue is not a matter of the ad network’s ad technology but rather the company’s own policiesThe ad networks are arguing the issue isn’t related to the ad platform’s ad tech but rather its own policiesIt’s one of the first major legal cases to come out of the tech industry in recent years and marks a new chapter in the fight over what counts as advertising on websites.

Apple’s ad network is a subsidiary of Alphabet, the US search giant, and Google.

It owns a number of platforms including AdSense and AdMob, but it also operates a number more, including its own ad network, Apple’s own paid search product and Apple Music.

But the issue of how the ad networks can treat adverts on websites has been one of those sticking points in the industry for years.

The dispute centres on a new ad technology, called Google AdSense, which Apple says helps it “create more relevant, relevant, and relevant ads for the ads people see”.

Advertisers say this is an unfair advantage that can be abused by tech companies.

Apple argues it’s an important part of its business model and it’s a core part of Apple’s user experience, and is one of many platforms that it relies on for its advertising business.

Apple has been fighting the issue for years, with Google suing the US advertising regulator, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), over the issue in 2011.

Apple was accused of using Google Adsense to bypass the disclaimer system, but in 2012, the FTC ruled that Apple had a legitimate reason for doing so.

The latest legal challenge was filed by the American Advertising Alliance, which represents advertising networks including AAdvantage, AdSense Media and Google AdWords.

The US law firm, Beck, Walsh & Miller, which is representing Apple, said it was seeking damages and an injunction that would force Google to comply with the FTC’s rules.

“The court should find that Google’s actions have resulted in the harms Apple alleges it has suffered, including the unfair advantages it allegedly enjoys in its advertising market,” it said.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple has broken advertising agreements with its ad networks that forbid it from placing ads with Google, as well as by making it difficult for advertisers to remove or delete them.

“These actions amount to a breach of Apple and Google’s agreements,” the complaint says.

Apple said it had complied with all of the FTCs rules and regulations on the issue, and said it has a number that are designed to help companies in this area.

“We don’t use Google’s tools and technology, and have a number we are able to adhere to in compliance with the laws,” Apple said in a statement.

It said it would take a “broad, wide-ranging and comprehensive” analysis of the issues surrounding its AdSense policies to determine whether it was in breach of those regulations.

The case will go to a judge for ruling, which could take up to six months.

Apple said it is confident of success in its legal challenge, and expects the case to be heard by the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

Apple, which has more than 20 million active users, had not responded to requests for comment at the time of publication.

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